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loves to watch sports and watch movies and play wii and dance and shop and works at victoras secret ;) and loves to eat and loves to swim and loves to put on makeup and loves to travel and loves the color yellow and not just any color yellow but the yellow on a bright summers day when theres nothing in the sky and your at the lake and you see the sun in the reflection of the water yellow and green...not just any green but green off of a turtles back and loves her dogs and loves to recycle

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Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 31 years old 18 - 28 yrs old
Location Dallas,Texas,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
Eye colour
Hair colour
Body type
Religion Non Religious
Education level
Profession Medical / Health Services

What I'm looking for

perfect. tall like 6 feet with brown hair maybe some red heads too and man hand... now guys im going to tell it to you straight right here... dont put lotion on your hands ever 10 minute! girls dont like to hold on yo girl hands bc if they did they would be lesbian and IM NOT so i want me some man hands. rub some dirt on 'em and freckles and wealthy and someone with the best smile in the world and as bright as the moon in the sky on a cloudless night in may( birthday month) someone who loves dogs and loves to make me happy and buy me things not because of the money but because he wants to make me happy because i would do the same for him. i would buy him anything he would want i have plently of cars for him to drive and my dad is a professional chief so he could cook us anything we would ever want.
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